Den of Geek published an article on 29 ideas for expansion packs for The Sims 2.  You can catch a few of the ideas I thought was really great.

The Sims 2: Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skulls Edition
The first two thirds will be alright, with the bog standard graphics you’ve come to expect. Then it’ll drop into some weird special effects bonanza for no reason whatsoever, and quickly roll the end credits. Hmmm.

The Sims 2: Alien Edition
We would actually pay to play this. Especially the chest-burster bit.

The Sims 2: Facebook Edition
There’s only one Sim who sits in the house in this version. But it’s okay, but they have 382492 friends really…

The Sims 2: Twitter Edition
The Sims SMS you every five seconds to tell you that they’re bored, and the wallpaper is green.

The Sims 2: Legal Music Downloads Edition
This version will only ever work on one computer. And that’s if you ask it nicely.

The Legal Music Downloads Edition already sounds like the games that we have which involves SecuROM… And to leave Resident Evil off of the list?  Wouldn’t you love to blast those Zombies from University?  I would! 

Check out the rest from the list here.