With 3 weeks to go, we’ve yet to hear any more news on SimCity Societies Destinations.  No new information and more importantly, no places to pre-order this pack.   Many online stores accept pre-orders way in advance, so why have we yet to see this!?

Are we going to have to purchase “The SimCity Box” in order to get the expansion?  According to SimleaderNinja’s post at the official SimCity Societies BBS, we shouldn’t have to.  It appears it will also be made available for Digital Download.

Hey Guys!

We’ll I can’t confirm any release dates for Destinations, I can say that you will not have to buy the City Box to get it. It will be available from the EA Store as a digital download.

Hope this information helps!

So no physical copy that we can pick up in stores other than getting The SimCity Box?  Count me out…