Over in a thread on the official Sims 2 BBS, Rod Humble states that the he and the rest of the Sims Team does listen to what us players have to say.  He points out that future expansions for The Sims 2 are still possible and how he knows everyone is looking towards a Superstar and Making Magic remake.

Firstly let me acknowledge that there are many Sims players who would like Makin Magic or Superstar for Sims 2. I hope you know us well enough by now that you realise we always do our best to make what you ask for. Sims 2 development is certainly not over yet and we have not yet revealed all details of what we have in store.

Secondly I know some of you have thought my choice of EP suggestions I named in interviews were not aligned with common ones you are familiar with. Fair enough. Honestly during interviews whats on my mind and the last concept I read about tends to float to the top. Please dont take it as a set in stone viewpoint and forgive me for errors when they slip in, I did mean death by hail in Seasons instead of death by snow 🙂

Thanks to Infinite Sims for reporting this!