German site has a new interview posted with Spore Producer Lucy Bradshaw.  Space Oddity’s Blog was kind enough to translate some of the highlights to English.  One of the coolest points is how the shielding of custom content will work:

To shield “mature” content there are several possibilities. The strongest version lets you play with the standard DVD content. One step beyond that, is playing with Maxis-made content from the server too. The layer after lets you add stuff from your friend list only. You can also pick and choose from the Sporepedia and only allow stuff you picked into your game. The most free option is allow all the stuff that is made. But then still, you can ban stuff you find offensive from your game entirely.

Hopefully when time comes it will be easy to sort and disregard all of the genitalia creatures that will be created…

Also, head on over there to see a picture of figurines which are based from the game.  I wish they could put them up on store’s shelves….I’ll pick up a couple if the price is right!

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