WorthPlaying has a new article on the Tribal Stage of Spore.

The Tribal Stage, the third evolutionary stage in the Spore universe.

You begin the Tribal Stage as a small group of sentient creatures which have just discovered tools and have formed the first tribe on their planet. Gather food with your tribe members by picking fruit, hunting or domesticating wild animals and fishing. Your tribe runs on food to buy tools with it, purchase tribal accessories with it, gift it to other tribes, steal it from other tribes, and (of course) feed your tribe with it.

Use different tools to befriend or attack neighboring tribes, aid in hunting and gathering, or heal your tribe members. Depending on how you played the Cell and Creature Stages, you will begin Tribal Stage with two of six super powers at your disposal. Defeat or ally with five tribes to conquer the continent and form a civilization!

You can check out several new images of the Tribal Stage in action over at UOEM’s Spore gallery.