You can find an almost Sim-less interview with Rod Humble over at IGN.  The interview talks about Humble’s personal games that he created and the artistic side of gaming.  There was hardly any information on The Sims.  I read through the interview and found it to be…well boring.  But if you want, head on over there to check it out yourself.

IGN: Do you see any parallels between your work with The Sims and Passage by your friend Jason Rohrer? Both games are essentially, reductions of life. What characterizes the differences between Passage and, say, The Sims 2?

Rod Humble: I think it points to an area for growth in both entertainment and artistic games. Games about everyday life would account for a very large portion of novels sold, for example, but the amount of games that take on the subject are very small in number. So yes there are broad parallels but I think it highlights just how rich an area it will be for the future more than anything. My opinion is Jason had very clear goals on the strong authorial message he put into his game, with The Sims we are making entertainment and our goal is to please the players rather than change thoughts. So I think there are different motivations at play.

Independent View: The Marriage’s Rod Humble