Are you excited? I am! Spore’s Creature Creator is less than a month away, and a few sites are already starting to get their hands on trying out the demo! IGN has a very nice hands on with the demo along with a 12 minute video!

I don’t want to but I know I’ll be shelling out $10 for the full version in June. I have a few creatures of my own I want to create…I just hope I have the talent to make them!

And a brief snippet from their article:

A fun thing to do with the Creature Creator is to “test drive” your various creations to check out the way it animates and reacts to different situations. For example, you can see what your creature will look like when he’s angry or sad or startled. You might want to check out how your creature dances (always an important feature) or how it reacts when its young are born. It’s pretty impressive to see how the game animates with whatever you come up with and something that the animators themselves will likely never see.

One thing that Maxis developers told us is to avoid trying to create a human being. It just won’t turn out right. After all, this isn’t The Sims. Instead, you’re supposed to branch out and use your imagination. We tried to build a land shark, though in the process we came up with something completely different. Like with a road trip, sometimes the journey is as important as the destination, and experimenting with the creature creator promises to be its own reward.

IGN Hands on with Spore Creature Creator

EuroGamer was also able to get their hands on the demo. You can catch their 2 page article along with many small videos of their creations.

We can’t tell whether the finished game will retain this careful balance when it’s released in September. Evolution is, after all, something of a mixed bag. It’s given us opposable thumbs and Bill Murray, but it’s also prematurely killed off the McRib and allowed the word “chillax” to flourish. Luckily, Will Wright and his development team seem to be well aware of this, and if you’re looking to Spore to deliver a first class bolt of genuine natural selection, you’re probably being unrealistic. If this June’s unique demo is anything to go by, Spore is Evolution Lite. This is no criticism – after all, a true evolution game would buckle under the amount of control Spore is already handing over to its audience. The Creature Creator suggests that Spore isn’t going to be about sitting around waiting to mutate, it will be about getting stuck in and frantically experimenting. Over the past few years, gamers have grown used to getting chemistry sets for Christmas: Wright may be about to deliver chemistry, physics and biology, all rolled into one.

EuroGamer’s Hands on with Spore Creature Creator