You are going to hear a lot from me on the SecuROM issues for quite some time, so be perpared for many posts and topics about this subject.  This might hurt my relationship with EA/Maxis, but I believe this is the right thing to do and should be taking a stand against this.  I urge fellow website owners to do the same below.

A website called SecuROM must be Destroyed was brought to my attention thanks to one of the commentors here (in which I thank, and proves the comment system to be useful). 

I’d like to point out a post from one of there fellow members on what Securom Must be Destroyed is about, and I couldn’t put it in much better words.

I want to mention something here, at the beginning of this movement. This forum is not about piracy. Some of you may be pirates, and some of you may not be. That is irrelevant for our purposes. Our goal is to convince EA and other games companies to rescind their decision to use the “new” SecuROM on future games. The new SecuROM is invasive, Big Brotherish, and demeaning to those who purchase the game. On top of that, SecuROM, in all its forms, is well known to cause computer breakage of varying sorts. On top of that, usage of MY connection at unknown intervals, transferring unknown amounts of data of an encrypted, unknown sort, is nothing less than thievery. They’re stealing bandwidth, risking computer integrity, transferring unknown and unapproved information, and treating users who legitimately acquire their games like criminals. This is unacceptable.



If you own a Sims Site (yes, this will pertain to you as no doubts they will plan to use this for The Sims 3), Spore website, blog, member of a forum, anything in which you can voice your opinion, let them know how you feel and send them to either this site or the SecuROM must be Destroyed site.  I will not tolerate having SecuROM on my PC and neither should you!