This is strange…I signed up for The Sims 3 VIP List when it was first announced in March but I didn’t get this in my inbox…So Infinite Sims has to fill you in on this…  I did re-sign up again so hopefully the next one will come thru!

Thank you for signing up for The Sims™ 3 VIP List. You’re a Founding Member! Every member of The Sims 3 VIP List will get special access to content from The Sims 3 Team but, as a Founding Member, you’ll get early access to information and other benefits!

Here’s a first look at a new screenshot of the game before we put it on

The Sims 3 Team is hard at work on the game and you’ll be hearing more from us this summer. So, get ready for something big — as in BIG to the power of 3!

Best Regards,

The Sims 3 Team

P.S. Know of anyone else that might want to join The Sims 3 VIP List? They can go to