Do you remember the demo that Tilted Mills has promised us for SimCity Societies back in November of last year when the game was released?  Well…it appears they are feeling bold about there game and plan to put out a demo on June 12.  You will be able to find it at the official SimCity website,

IGN has the scoop of what the demo will contain:

That demo will show off much of the new fan requested content and features that have been added to the game over the last few months through five free game updates. Just some of the features and content added to Societies include:

  • New strategic modes: Basic, Hardcore and Nightmare, each one a more intense challenge to your city buildings skills.
  • Three new exotic disasters, including UFOs, a giant robot and a massive monster
  • New events and crises, including counter-cultural revolutions, general strikes, epidemics and more
  • Easy firefighting controls. Put out the flames faster!
  • Improved road placing controls
  • Almost countless UI additions, everything more charts and graphs to new auto-execute buttons for special abilities
  • City Policies, giving you the power to enact Universal Healthcare, Indoctrination, and other ways to affect, or control, your citizens lives
  • Six scenarios ranging from the relaxing the intense
  • Dozens of new buildings and special Sims
  • More than 100 other additions and improvements

The free downloadable demo will include the tutorial, a challenging scenario and two major disasters.

Demo Version of SimCity Societies with Updated Content and Features Available June 12