Ever since I built my new PC, I’ve been having to use DameonTools to mount all of my Sim games that I own.  It seems that whenever I partitioned my hard drives, I changed my DVD drive letters and messed everything up.  When I put in a game to play, no matter which game it is I get a “Please make sure the disc is in the drive” error…So now I’m stuck having to mount a virtual drive for my game to work.

Well, that was my mistake, but it seems like I’m not going to be the only one with this issue anymore.  I just found out through SnootySims that the latest FreeTime patch has a very nasty, horrible SecuROM version installed with it and it is causing a lot of folks to not be able to enjoy their game anymore.

So, I would like to help SnootySims get the word out for you to check the following sites for more information on SecuROM, as well as how to get rid of it if you are having any problems.

Official Sims 2 BBS – complaints of many others having issues with the latest FreeTime patch
Simmers against Securom: A site where Securom is clearly explained.
Securom must be destroyed: A forum which wants to take action against SecuRom.
MATY: Here you can learn how to get rid of Securom.

Now, I know that employees of Maxis/EA often surf through the Sim’s fansites, so hopefully one of them will stumble upon this post.  *Looks towards employee* You really need to ask yourself if ticking off your fanbase is worth it, because so far SecuROM has caused nothing but trouble.