Sigh…why even bother putting SecuROM on the games, EA, when you know hackers are going to crack it.  You’re just causing more trouble for the folks who bought the game in the first place…

I’ve been checking out the torrent sites on the net and found out that Mass Effect for PC has been cracked by RELOADED and DETONATiON.  Of course, it has its fair share of bugs – the StarMap and saving does not work yet, however they are quickly working on fixes.

In the meantime it is still playable by editing a .ini file to visit planets via the Console, as well as using quicksaves (I’m just going by what the comments have to say, so I am not 100% postive).

So…EA, while they hacked their game to get rid of SecuROM, users who installed the FreeTime patch are getting screwed due to the fact of having legal emulation software on their machines…Way to go! *rolls eyes*