I found two new programs over at ModTheSims2 and added them to their proper sections. 

CAS Package Switcher

This little program makes it easy to switch CAS! screens for The Sims 2 game. You can add two preview screenshots so you don’t have to guess which file is which.

Having several CAS! screens and trying to remember which one was which was is a pain. Also renaming and moving files manually was a hassle. This automates the process and if you add screenshots it also solves the problem of which CAS! screen you are switching to.

Find it in our Programs – Sims 2 Characters Editor page.


The HoodReplace program will copy any selection of: terrain, roads, bridges, trees and decorations from one Sims 2 neighborhood to another, completely replacing the selected elements from the existing neighborhood.

Because this program allows you to select which elements to copy, rather than having to copy everything, you can do things which used to be very difficult. For example: you can now add roads to a neighborhood without losing your existing neighborhood trees and decorations.

Find it in our Programs – Sims 2 Neighborhood Editors page.