Wow, didn’t see this coming. gave a high score for The Sims Pool – an 8 out of 10! 

Mostly, though, the game is successful because the pool itself is good, with solid physics and an excellent interface. You can perform most of the actions you need to perform with the D-pad, rotating the view left and right with, you know, Left and Right (or ‘4’ and ‘6’ if you prefer) and zooming in and out with Up and Down. Once you’ve chosen your angle, you press the action button to bring up the spin option, and then, once you’re happy with that, you press the action button again to bring up a power meter that swings back and forth, meaning that a bit of skill as well as judgement is involved.

Sadly, I think I will skip out of this one.  Not because I don’t own a phone, but because I never got into simulated pool games….or real pool games for that matter.  Last time I played a game, I shot the ball off of the table and nearly knocked someone out.