A week ago, a review from Pocket Gamer was published for The Sims Pool 3D on mobile phones.  Now, they give their review of the 2D version of the game.  I never knew there was 2 versions for both 3D and 2D until today.  I have to keep note on that for future games if EA goes that route.

PocketGamer gave The Sims Pool 2D a rating of 7 out of 10:

By far our biggest gripe with The Sims Pool however is its lack of a tournament mode, which means all of your pool is played out over single matches. Quite why this was left out of the game is beyond us, because this sort of omission would be unforgivable on a console. But no, this mobile game doesn’t have a tournament mode, and that’s a crying shame.

Never mind, The Sims Pool is a decent pool game – just don’t expect to play it for too long.

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