Chicago Tribune has 2 Sims related articles up on their site this morning.  The first article mentions that Wednesday EA will be celebrating over 100 Sim Games sold.  Congratulations, EA!

Wednesday, video game publisher EA will celebrate selling 100 million copies of its stalwart franchise “The Sims,” which has been chugging along in a gaming world dazzled by the pyrotechnics of “Halo 3,” the flying-among-the-stars fun of “Super Mario Galaxy” and the get-out-of-your-seat thrills of “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero III.”

The article also discusses clothes that our Sims wear will start to hit stores next month.

Beginning next month, clothes created for Sims can be found on real-world shelves at H&M, through a partnership between the high-style clothing chain and EA.

Their second article is a small timeline of The Sim’s sucess.

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