The Jaded Gamer compiled a list of their take of the 100 Greatest Games of all time.  You’d figure Maxis would have some of their games on there.  Well, they did as both SimCity 2000 and The Sims (1) made the list.

Their take on SimCity 2000:

In SimCity 2000, you can be the mayor of a city with dirty air, lousy schools, a struggling economy, high taxes, and rampant crime. Yet no matter how much your sims hate you, nobody will ever run against you, so re-election is always assured. In that regard, it’s kind of like being the mayor of Buffalo.

No wait, actually, it’s exactly like being the mayor of Buffalo.

Their take on The Sims:

Once I discovered that my Sims were just as happy living on their front lawn as they were in the house, it really made me wonder why I had bothered building a home for them in the first place. This in turn made me wonder why I had ever bothered building them a nice city in the Sim City games. It’s one thing when you play a game and think it was a waste of your time, but when you play a game and it makes you think that other games you had previously enjoyed were also a waste of time, that’s really quite an achievement.

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