“Our focus group research started to prove after about six months that we were really attracting women,” says Nancy Smith, president of Sims Label, a division of Electronic Arts. “And it was women around the core gamers. So it was maybe the girlfriend, the sister, the mother, the friend of the core gamer, who started seeing this game and asking, ‘Who are these people?’ and ‘How did you design that house that they’re living in?’ and ‘How are you dressing them? Where are you getting that fashion?'”

More and more articles appear that women make up a huge fanbase for The Sims.  It’s amazing to see the increase in the casual gamer in the gaming world.  It used to be a hobby where it used to be geeks would only play, but with the huge sucess of The Sims and Nintendo’s Wii, things took a turn for the best.

Daily News – Women really click with The Sims