Tyler Waldman, an editor from The Towerlight Online, wrote about Spore today and how players have two roles:  create or destroy.

As your species advances, it gains knowledge. It builds tribes, then cities. But not all is peaceful. Other alien races visit, who may or may not come in peace. If the player isn’t careful, the game can turn into a “Star Wars” reenactment.

And when your species’ story is complete, and it has blossomed into a huge civilization with bustling cities all over its planet, players can go start life on another planet and do it all over again. Or pump enough carbon dioxide into it to set it on fire and ruin it. Or just blow it up. Your choice.

I’ve always been a fan of creating in Will’s previous games, but if you can create epic battles from Star Wars, I think I’ll turn over to the dark side…  One thing is for sure, when I do battle I’ll have a few space-battle MP3’s cued up ready to go from both Star wars and Stargate.

The Towerlight Online – Spore article