No doubts about it, when Spore is released, you’re going to want to talk about it.  Maybe to your buddies, your co-workers, or even your crazy old next door neighbor that yells “Get off my lawn!”.  The problem is…where would you even begin to summarize Spore.

Game Stooge can answer just that:

If you want to tally it up, Spore is a god game / strategy sim / life sim / economic sim / action / arcade / roleplaying game / real-time strategy / grand strategy game. But that wouldn’t fit on the side of a box, so I contacted Maxis VP Patrick Buechner, and basically asked, “What’s the deal? What is Spore?”

Buechner prefaced his response, “It’s difficult to classify Spore into any one traditional game category.” (No kidding, guy!) He went on to say that it is a god game with basic strategy sim elements, and that “each of the evolutionary levels has a different control dynamic.” Patrick restated some of what has already been discussed, that each phase “runs the gamut from arcade action at Cell, avatar controls at Creature, The Sims-like controls at Tribe, RTS at Civilization and back to avatar at Space”, and that ”Will sums up the whole content exchange and discovery experience as Massively Single Player.”

Myself?  I’ll just classify Spore as pure awesomeness.  It’s something that can’t be explained…You just know.  Much like this pic: