Speaking of expansions, The Sims has certainly become home to a number of those over the years. I’m more interested in hearing about the sorts of expansions that ended up on the cutting room floor. Are there any that you recall that you can talk about?

Great question. We’ve often considered making a history expansion pack. A sports EP would also be lots of fun if designed the right way — we still looking for the right way to make that happen!

What expansions do you keep getting requests for from fans that you haven’t been able to figure out yet, or don’t think you’ll be able to?

Right now our players are keen to playing an expansion pack that focuses on living in a big city. Other ideas I’ve seen in the community include a rave/party pack and science fiction pack. Remember, thesims2.com community is more than 4.3 million unique members strong! It’s safe to say there’s never a shortage of creative ideas to choose from!

I for one would love a Science Fiction pack!  However, I have to disagree with his above statement with thesims2.com community.  About every post I have seen so far, users want a remake of Superstar and Makin’ Magic!  Literally, it’s flooded with those request, so I don’t see where he is getting the rave/party pack idea from.

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