We’re going on the 8th expansion pack for The Sims 2, and that’s on top of all the ones from The Sims 1.  Out of all of those, there had to be rejected ideas for packs that didn’t make the cut.  Rod Humble admits that when holding focus groups, many ideas had to be shot down.

Another big challenge, from the development point of view, is that sometimes you think you’ve come up with a great idea. In my core gamer heart of hearts, I think I’ve created something amazing! But then we show it to focus groups and it’s not as well received as I would’ve hoped.

I’d like to know what these ideas were.  Hopefully Superstar and Makin’ Magic versions for The Sims 2 hasn’t made its round yet.  I’d hate for the focus group to turn it down saying “It’s been done, already!”

Source: Kotaku