Do you believe Spore could last 10 years?  My bets is set for no.  Then again, there is no reason that the game will not have revisions, it only mentions that EA will be developing content for Spore for at least that long.  According to this article, EA thinks so:

In order to take advantage of any form of downloadable content, however, a publisher needs to plan in advance, said Karp. With “Spore,” EA already has plans internally to develop new content for at least 10 years. These plans include the traditional new levels and building blocks, but also “new ways to play and experience ‘Spore’.”

Karp admitted games like Spore and “The Sims” are not the norm. Not every game can find an audience for years and years on end, even if you do produce new content. He said most high-profile games will find themselves viable at retail for 18-24 months.

If the PS3 can have a 10 year plan, why not a computer game?