John Walker over at Rock, Paper Shotgun sat down and had dinner with Rod Humble, head-honcho of The Sims division in a 2 part inteview.

The first half is based on indie games and the other games Rod enjoys.

JW: I remember the first time I played The Sims, after a long session, I had to get lunch and go out to a meeting. And I found myself managing myself like a Sim. It was taking over my brain.

RH: I know what you mean. It’s funny how games affect your perception of reality. I was playing Doom… I played way too much Doom. Actually, I now have to use a mouse with my left hand because my right wrist is gone from playing Doom so much. I remember walking around the office and turning on the spot in corridors like a Doom guy would.

The second half covers Rod’s job with The Sims 3.

RPS: I think The Sims has really led the way for peeing in games. I keep hearing about how, like Age of Conan NPCs will drink too much and then piss up against a wall, and I think, yeah, but The Sims did that already.

RH: We were the trailblazers.

RPS: So can we look forward to increased pee capacity in Sims 3?

RH: There are definitely new potty humour states and jokes to enjoy, sure. We’re not leaving that behind.

RPS: Whenever I mention The Sims to almost anyone, from the most die-hard fan to someone who knows it vaguely, they always say that at some point they lock someone in a bathroom, take away all the doors, and watch their Sim collapse in a puddle of his own urine. Have you any idea of the psychology behind this?

RH: [laughs] First of all, what happens in The Sims stays in The Sims. We certainly wouldn’t say that everybody does that. But it’s just hilarious. This is a guilt-free pleasure. Nobody is going to get hurt. Watching people lose control of their bladder functions is just funny. I can’t say why that is. You’re British! My God, this is our culture! This is the basis of an entire culture for us. I think it’s in the genes. It’s universal though – everybody finds it hilarious. I know some people try to hang that as a negative around the game. But I embrace it – it’s a wonderful, traditional source of humour.

You can find more “pee-ing” questions in the interview as well as Rod’s twisted enjoyment of the death scenes from The Sims 2.

Thanks to Infinite Sims for finding this.