We all know that EA is the biggest game publisher out there, and when you are as big as they are, there is bound to be some flaws. Gamasutra reports five of these flaws as well as five reasons of why they rock as well. While I don’t agree with the full list and in my opinion…a few other things are missing, they do discuss The Sims Divison (rocks) and the painful birth of Spore (sucks).

EA Rocks (The Sims Division):

One of the least-discussed but most interesting announcements at GDC was Rod Humble’s lecture announcing The Sims Carnival. Humble is important in art-game circles for his games such as The Marriage, and his role as the head of The Sims Studio is allowing some startlingly interesting concepts to make it into the expansion of that franchise.

EA Sucks (The Painful Birth Of Spore):

Let’s face it, folks, Will Wright’s Spore has been the ‘next big thing’ for too long, and its horribly distended development schedule has taken its toll. This title won several ‘Best Of Show’ awards in E3 2005, for pity’s sake.

While it’s not reaching Duke Nukem-levels of backlash, the more we understand about its beautifully Maxis-designed but pretty darn abstract concept, the more we understand that an originally PC-centric game has been stretched onto console and handheld to justify its profile and budget.

The game could well be a masterpiece, but its public birth has stretched patiences and may yet embarrass EA.

Why EA Rocks (And Sucks) In 2008