According to CNN, Spore will be one of the “Explosive Titles of 2008” alongside many others such as Super Smash Brothers, Little Big Planet, GTA IV, and more.  They don’t cover much about the game – just a portion of their article is related to Spore:

EA has been working on “Spore” with Maxis, the studio behind the mega-popular “Sims” franchise. The game allows players to create their own personal universe and populate it with creatures — also player-created — who then evolve to different stages of life.

The game also brings a social-networking element to gaming. Though not a massive multi-player game like “World of Warcraft,” players of “Spore” can move through worlds created by other players. The game has a heavy online element, which is why the first version being launched in September will be limited to the PC rather than the next-generation consoles.

“What we’ve done here is we’ve created a social network within a game,” said Lucy Bradshaw, executive producer for “Spore.”

The title will also be available for Nintendo’s handheld DS console, and Bradshaw added that it will eventually migrate onto other platforms as well. ” We’ll evolve it into different territories. I would look at this as first version,” she said.

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