Spore.es was lucky enough to snag an interview with the developers of Spore. They present the answers on their page that were given back to them.

Which will be the system requirements?
Maxis: The system specs will be announced once we have them locked, but we expect a mid-range PC to run SPORE well.

Will the plant editor be in the game? Will it be downloadable?
Maxis: There is currently no plant editor in the game.

As the game’s aim is to get to the centre of the galaxy, will we get there anytime since the Spore universe is so big? What there is there?
Maxis: There will be a set of missions and objectives that brings you into the centre of the galaxy; even though you will not be forced to do these missions and can spend your time exploring the rest of the universe. What exactly is hidden in the centre of the galaxy is for you to discover!

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