Eurogamer has their first impressions up on the website regarding Spore Creatures for the Nintendo DS. Spore Creatures isn’t based on it’s PC counterpart, the DS version is all about designing your own creature and collecting parts with which to enhance their abilities.

There are 30 levels of evolution and 275 parts to collect as you progress. Each part can be scaled and rotated, and there are lots of options for choosing your creature’s skin colour, markings and so on. A good selection of parts is available early on, Haber says; the idea being it’s simple to design a creature that’s unique in terms of both looks and abilities.

Once you’re happy with your basic level-one design, you can start exploring the tropical island it inhabits. Moving your creature is done by using the stylus to drag it around, or there’s the d-pad option. “Generally I prefer to use the stylus,” Haber states. “It’s just more fun, and it means you can play with one hand.” He really does like his game.

Eurogamer’s First Impressions here