Please note that the following is pure rumour. It could be true, it could not…

There is a thread over at the official Sims 2 BBS about the 8th expansion pack. On a french Sim’s site, there is a note that says:

Notre Coup de Chance:
Alors que ?? Quartier Libre ?? devait ??tre le dernier opus des Sims 2, nous sommes
en mesure de confirmer qu’un autre Add-on verra le jour prochainement, ce qui nous
aidera ?? patienter jusqu’?? la sortie des Sims 3. Cette nouvelle extension permettra
?? nos Sims de vivre des choses inhabituelles dans un univers assez particulier qui,
nous le parions, ravira un grand nombre de joueurs. Plus d’infos tr??s bient??t !…

which roughly translate to:

Our Stroke of Luck:
“Whereas “Free Time” was to be the last opus of Sims 2, we are able to confirm that another Add one will be born soon, which will help us to have patience to the exit of Sims 3. This new extension will make it possible our Sims to live unusual things in a rather particular universe which, we bet it, will charm a great number of players. More infos very soon!…”

Details for new games are always fishy…But this does bring to mind of Prima Game’s author Greg Kramer’s mentioning of a next expansion pack.

If this is indeed true, details should start popping up in the next two months as Maxis will want to release this in the August/September timeframe (expansions are about every six months).

So what do you think? Whole new living experience. Are we going to see Sim’s perform magic once again? I’d rather either have them create a farmlife expansion pack, or perhaps a Space-related pack to allow them to colonize on Mars or the Moon!