If you are a gamer, then you’ve often heard the question of “Is PC gaming dying?“. While there are many games out for the PC, why is it every time you see the top sellers list it is either filled with Sim games or World of Warcraft? It seems that developers are switching over to consoles to create a game and then port to PC rather than working on a PC game from scratch.

Why? A few reasons come to mind. When you develope for the PC, you have to take in mind of the many possible setups and hardware configurations that everybody has. However, developing for the console you’ll only have 1 (or more depending on what other consoles to port to) hardware configuration. Not to mention that you often have to upgrade your PC (sometimes every year) to play the latest games while consoles generally last 5+ years.

One thing I do know, I will always play Sim games on my PC. I tried various console versions and…it doesn’t feel right. Seems that if you don’t use a mouse and keyboard you are not playing it correctly.

MSNBC – Is PC gaming dying?