Again, I am a little late to report this…It seems that the official SimCity Societies site has added a new Mod compilation based around a haunted theme. This mod adds 10 creepy buildings, designed to help boost success in the Strategic Modes of play.

Welcome to the Nighmare mod: ten additional Creepy buildings, all designed to help boost success in the new Strategic Modes of play. Some features include the increased chance of having zombies spawn in your city (and Zombiegeddon!) which can help fill out empty workplaces, high capacity venues, and new building abilities geared towards success during challenging Strategic Mode game play.

The new buildings are: Homes – the Haunted Palace, Spooky Skyrise; Workplaces: Funeral Shroud Weaver, Tombstone Factory, The Creepy Mill, The Morgue; Decoration: Gargoyle; Venues: Cold Headstone, Haunted Chapel, and the Mortuary. The mod also includes an in-depth 30 page document with many helpful details, hints, and tips on how the mod was made. Enjoy!