Greg Kramer, Freelance Author of the popular Prima Games Guides let’s loose a small tidbit of future expansion packs past FreeTime:

Originally Posted by Vice
I have a question relating to the Freetime game guide, will The Sims 2 boxed set be updated with this guide in the future? It would seem like a good idea since Freetime is most likely the last TS2 EP.

Originally Posted by Greg Kramer
I can’t speak to the box set question, but I can tell you that this is not (unless something big has changed) the last expansion pack.


Greg Kramer
Freelance Author, Prima Games

I’m on the fence with this one…we’ve been told many times that FreeTime will be the last expansion yet there are various places that report otherwise. I do know that there are still many, many possibilities left open for The Sims 2 and that many people won’t have their PC’s ready in time for The Sims 3, so I wouldn’t see a reason to stop just yet…

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