Infinite Sims just brought to my attention that the EA Large Downloads site has the FreeTime patch up.  Even though this is an official EA site, it isn’t the official patch release.  But this does mean that the official Sims 2 website will be putting this up in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, you can get the FreeTime patch from our Sims 2 Patches section.   The patch fixes a total of 34 issues.

For site updates, I’ve been trying to get the Edit Comments feature to work and so far it isn’t playing nice….hopefully I can get it figured out, but as of now it is kicking my ass!  Oh, and the site’s custom header images are disabled as of now.  It appears WordPress 2.5 doesn’t like the plugin which allows me to do that.  Hopefully an update for that plugin will be out soon!