A kind member over at SnootySim’s forums has posted the first scans of The Sims 3 from PCGamer. The article branches over six long pages and covers many new details of the game. Since I’m not good in writing complete paragraphs, I’ll leave you with bullets.

  • You will now be able to go to your job and bring work home with you. Completing the work will advance you a little closer to a promotion. So say goodbye to those hours of an empty house!
  • Inventory system has been added. Go to the grocery store and buy groceries to store in your inventory to use for cooking and other uses.
  • Apparently the score bars have been dropped due to the fact that they aren’t realistic enough. Sims will now tell you want they want. The game will now use “buffs” to determine how a Sim is feeling. Example would be that they could be in a bad mood for pissing themselves or in a good mood because they like sitting in a sofa. There are an infinite number of ways for Sims to tell you how they feel.
  • Character creation is more richly defined. They dropped the numerical values and are now using traits. Traits are brief descriptions of your Sims and you can have up to six of them. Some include evil, playful, genius, shy, grumpy, and so on.
  • Sims look more realistic. Their skin is more natural and real.
  • There are sliders for weight and muscle, so now it is possible to create obese or muscular Sims.
  • Many prebuilt characters will be shipped with the game for those that don’t want to create their own Sims.
  • Players will be able to upload their Sims to The Sims 3 as well as their homepage for others to download.
  • No multiplayer but there will be social networking, possibly much like the style Spore has set.
  • Pleasantville makes a return!
  • There will be expansion packs.

Click here to see the scans!