If you are craving for more Sims news, then you might want to check out a preview by Eurogamer.

Unlike The Sims 2, which faked the concept of having an entire neighbourhood by basically loading up a new household every time you moved around, The Sims 3 takes advantage of five years’ technology progress by offering an open world – an entire town in which everything is actually there, actually happening, all the time. This changes the game in a fundamental way. Before, you managed a household of Sims, but now an overview of an entire town – filled with households of Sims, each of whom has a life as complex as any of your own characters – is only a roll of the mousewheel away. Characters, whether they’re your own Sims or your neighbours, no longer disappear when you’re not looking at them – when they go off to work, for instance, you can follow them as they hop into their cars and drive across town. Then you might track their progress at work like you do at home – or zoom out again and fly back across town to do something else.

The game is shaping to becoming something special…I just hope its system specifications won’t kill it.