I missed some FreeTime reviews while I was gone. While the NZGamer review ranked the game high, it seems GamesRadar did not like the game at all…

NZGamer – 8.5
In addition to the main feature of the expansion, there are heaps of little other additions that Maxis has made that really flesh out this pack. The most important is the inclusion of another status bar! (OK, so things are looking really cluttered now; I keep trying to imagine what my impression of the game would be if I just came to it now. It would be bewildering.)

GamesRadar – 6
Free Time is a terrible name for a Sims game when you think about it. Not only does the series eat up more hours than waiting at the DMV, but its entire raison d’etre is balancing important life goals that consume a big chunk of every Sims’ day. With kids to get through college and dinner an hour late, who has time for pottery?