1up.com‘s Retronauts turns to the PC side of gaming and looks at the SimCity franchise as well as The Sims 3. You can listen to their their latest episode by clicking this link.

This week the Retronauts takes a turn to the PC side of things with a look at the SimCity franchise, tying in with the GFW reveal of The Sims 3. Our awkwardly uninformed host, Jeremy Parish, is joined by Garnett Lee, Sean Molloy, and Ryan Scott. Despite not having much first-hand knowledge of the franchise, Jeremy conducts the others in a sim-phony (GET IT?) of SimCity and The Sims discussion.

Ryan hones in on his fond memories of SimCity for the SNES — complete with horrific recollections of Bowser destroying his virtual home — while Garnett recalls all the time he wasted on SimCity 2000 and SimCity 4. Sean points out the startling accuracy of The Sims compared to his own life, and the whole crew decides whether or not the recent SimCity Societies is worthy of the legacy of its namesake.

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