Spore isn’t coming to just PC and Mac. Versions of the game for Nintendo DS and mobile phones will also drop on Sept. 7.

Of course, things have been dramatically scaled back for each version. The Nintendo DS game, shown here, will concentrate on the “creature” phase. You’ll build your own critters, then take them out into the world. You’ll be able to use the DS’ internet capabilities to swap creatures with other players all over the world.

The mobile version of the game will be based on the “cell” bacteria stage, and you’ll float around and eat up other creatures in a scaled-back version of the real thing.

Wired.com managed to get an extensive first look at the Will Wright’s upcoming game Spore. Very simple read, it walks you thru the steps of taking your creation from it’s Cell stage up the evolution process.

Wired.com – Designer Will Wright Walks Us Through Spore