Good news, everyone. If you want to start your own fansite for Spore and don’t know or have the money to host your site, then please check out the following information posted by ManagerJosh over at UOEM.

With the announcement of Spore and a target release date in sight, we’re opening our doors for allowing hosting through our network.

Until the end of this month, if you want to create a Spore fansite but want some excellent hosting, you can get it WITHOUT going through our normal strict evaluation process. This offer is only for people intended on creating Spore fansites. If we discover applicants abusing this offer for using our hosting promotion other than for a Spore fansite, we will terminate your account without any prior notification.

So head on over to our hosting division, and sign up. Mention: “sporepass” and you don’t need to go through all the trouble of getting your Spore site evaluated by us.

Please note other basic requirements still apply, such as your site still needs to be majority english, can not host warez, etc. and must adhere to our terms of service.

Hosting Offering:
Unmetered Diskspace.
Unmetered Performance level diskspace
Much More!
Get it while it lasts!