With the mention of all of the artists that will be featured in Sims 2 Freetime, a video popped up on Youtube featuing English singer Natasha Bedingfield. She was contacted by EA and was asked to translater her recent single “Pocketful of Sunshine” into Simlish.

She has proven to have amazing talent singing regulary, but with her Simlish song, she has hit a whole new level. I can’t imagine how difficult it had to of been to get the versus and words right. I would of have kept messing up and laughing if it was me.

One thing does bug me though. The Sims are choreographed to the music. Why can’t this be a feature in the game! You know how much more interesting it would be for creating music videos? Michael Jackson’s Thriller is first that comes to mind. Zombie Sims dancing together to the beat of Thriller? I’m there! XD