EA CEO John Riccitiello spoke at the DICE convention his take on Spore.

“It’s probably the greatest creative risk maybe going on in the game industry today,” he said, responding to audience questions about dealing with failure. Calling Spore “massive” he continued, “I believe it’s going to be one of the greatest franchises in our industry and will rival World of Warcraft or The Sims or Rock Band. It’s going to be right up there.”

“Or not.”

EA has given Will Wright as long as he needs to bullet proof Spore. Many risks are involved when you delay a game for so long. The costs and resources of the development. Not to mention people get tired of waiting and look into other games. It’s even possible for some other company to release a rip-off. Luckily nobody has the guts to do that just yet. However, I live by the rule of the great Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Brothers:

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”

As much as Spore has been delayed, I will expect it to be known as “Best Game for Life”.