Okay, now I fully understand what The Sims Carnival is. It’s basically a platform for us to create our own games. Sounds very cool! I hope I get selected for the closed beta! Gamasutra was an attendee for Rod Humble’s GDC session, titled “The Emergent Gamer,” and in it, he brought up details of The Sims Carnival:

All of the games that are featured on The Sims Carnival are essentially Flash applications, and experienced developers may upload their own straight Flash games to the website. However, the biggest selling point for the site is how simple it is for complete non-developers to make their own games.

The site uses a wizard interface to allow people to configure pre-made components for integration into a game. For example, the user can simply select a genre, then a more specific genre, then select some of the types of items that are found within the genre and the quality of their effects in the game with a few clicks of the mouse.