It has been ages since I last visited, but with some free time I managed to somehow end up there today. I wish I hadn’t, because I have been reading various quotes and been laughing my ass of in the past hour. If you haven’t gotten the chance, I highly recommend you checking out the quotes. You can start with the Top Rated Quotes and work your way around the site. This site in appearance is clean, but the lanuage used can be NSFW at some times.

I grabbed a couple of quotes from users who discussed about SimCity and The Sims.

<Arcturus|BuF> The Sims is the only game where you can kill someone by trapping them between strategically placed toilets

<Has_Bean> And very soon, they shall have an aisle in the toy store devoted to it
<Has_Bean> Aisle 6…the sims expansion pack aisle

·FightinCatholic· When i realized the sims had a better life than me
·FightinCatholic· I quit

<overkill_78> So this chick came over today.
<overkill_78> We talked for hours.
<overkill_78> Then she went to go take a piss.
<overkill_78> I busted in on her while she was pissing, and she got mad at me.
<overkill_78> So I trapped her in my room and set my room on fire.
<overkill_78> F****g b***h is dead now.
<camdaman86> How are you not in jail?
<overkill_78> It was in The Sims.

<Miliwen> Alucard, how the hell do you make a city in SimCity4?
<Alucard_the_Kook> Making a city is … a lot like making love to a beautiful woman.
<Alucard_the_Kook> First you need to check her out, get the lay of the land.
<Alucard_the_Kook> Next, you need to tease her a little. Make trails over her body, allowing you to move freely.
<Alucard_the_Kook> Then you fiddle with the zones.
<Alucard_the_Kook> Finally…
<Alucard_the_Kook> You give the b***h all your money.

* God plays the Sims.
* God clicks on “Gothic” and selects “swear”
<Gothic> F**k
<Gothic> Wait, what

<Kaneda> im downloading furniture for my sims, they have more of life then I do.