You know it is inevitable…Spore will have it’s fair share of expansion packs. That’s typical for EA these days. I mean, if a game does not have an expansion pack, then it either bombed or it’s a sports game with yearly releases.

Spore producer Thomas Vu hints at the fact in this article. Well, technically he doesn’t come out and say it, but read between the lines – it’s the same deal. He does admit that Spore is “less than 1% of what we could possibly do”.

“Speaking as a developer, we always want more. With a game like Spore, when you start imagining what could be in there, the scope of it is enormous”, Vu told us last week.

He explained that, because of Spore’s nature, Maxis had to sit down and be very specific about what it wanted to include, but said that “This is like less than one percent of the things we could possibly do”.

If my theory is correct, each expansion will only contain 1% of possibilities with what you can do with Spore. This means we should have to prepare for 99 expansion packs. Time to clear up some shelf space! Sing with me:

99 expansions of Spore on the wall, 99 expansions of Spore. Take one down, pass it around, 98 expansions of Spore on the wall!