Gaming Steve is one of many sites that has live blogged the “Procedural Music in Spore” speech at the 2008 Game Developer Conference. Since this is the first one I stumbled across, I’ll share a little bit of info – you’ll need to visit their site to read the rest.

12:24 – Sorry for the delay, just recorded several minutes of creating a creator. Each section of the editor will cause a different type of sound. Also depending upon the “type” of creator you create will change the music type. Create a create with a lot of weapons and the music will be much darker. The music will try to reflect the “feel” of your creature AS you create it.

12:33 – The music will also change depending upon the “type” of society you build. If you build a religious society your music will have a more “religious” feel with pipe organs and such. The music will reflect the type of game you are playing as well as the society you are building.

12:56 – You can save your music and trade it just like anything else within the game.