This article is all what this site is about. To offer the community with the latest and greatest tools to make what they want with ease. Gamespot takes a closer look of the community tools that will be built within the game. With all of what they offer, does anybody think user-created tools are going to be replaced, or will there still be a need for them?

Maxis also wants players to take their Spore experiences outside of the game, and has built in several features that will somehow link the creatures you create inside the game with the wider world. Widgets will be created to keep track of updates in Spore while you’re not in the game. You’ll also be able to take screenshots and send them to friends (complete with comic-book-style captions), and the game will come with a built-in video tool that links directly to popular video-sharing site YouTube should you want to upload footage of your virtual species doing something interesting. You can also take animated .gifs of your creatures for use as avatars in other sites and forums. And Maxis is also planning on having a retail model through which you can order T-shirts and mugs with a picture of your favorite created species.