This time, Gamasutra brings attention of user-created content with producer, Caryl Shaw.

With the goals stated, Shaw then launched a demo of the game to show off the ways in which content sharing has been streamlined in Spore. In the game every new piece of user generated content creates a “card” which will let you know who created it, and what else they’ve created. From here it is loaded into the “Sporepedia”, the crux of content sharing.

Every card itself is a PNG file of roughly 30kbs. It has the image and general information of the content, and can be e-mailed. What is so unique, is that the actual game data for that object is contained in the PNG file itself, creating an effortless means of sharing content both through the Spore server and e-mail/websites. User-created music will be saved using the same PNG system, but will not be stored or uploaded via the Spore server because of “copyright concerns.”