Looks like some sites have already started to review FreeTime, and it’s hovering around the 7 to 8 mark. Here are a few excerptions from various reviews:

One of the best new elements is the ability to tinker with a neighborhood after it has been created. You can open the cheat console (control+shift+C) and type in “modifyNeighborhoodTerrain on” (no quote marks) and that allows you to raise or lower any terrain area. This will enable you to eliminate a mountain that is interfering with your town’s expansion.

Rating: 7
Source: Gamezone FreeTime Review

The sounds, graphics, and music are in the same style they’ve always been. Naturally, just how much that’s a good thing or bad thing is up to you; it’s obvious the graphical engine is aging, but really, comparing the models here to something like Crysis is just unfair. For what it intends to do, the graphics of The Sims are more than adequate, and the animations are extremely well-done as always.

Rating: 8.3
Source: IGN FreeTime Review