Would you play a PC game if it was called “The Toliet Game”? Before you answer no, think twice. That name was the nickname to The Sims before it became a huge hit. Will Wright had to work on this game in secret due to the fact of being shot down by Maxis when he came up with the idea.

“It was a battle, the first few years, inside Maxis,” said Wright. “It was referred to as ‘The Toilet game’. It was the game where you clean the toilet.

“We had a product review meeting at Maxis where we had to decide whether we’d publish this thing or not…and the executive said ‘No, let’s do [something else]’.”

I wonder what those same people are thinking now…or even if they are still employed. A little creativity, even if it doesn’t sound good on paper, can lead to a major sucess in the end.

Source: Eurogamer