I made my purchase of SimCity DS the day it came out. Having a portable city to build apon is an instant win in my book. 2007 was a very busy year for games. Chances are, this one was game you have missed. I came across an article that had a small review on the game.

“SimCity DS” (Electronic Arts, $19.95, rated E) is an older game, one that got lost amid the summer flood. But if you’re into the series at all, or if you just enjoy micromanaging things, this portable installment is worth a look. Managing your city is easy with the stylus and touch-sensitive DS screen, and developers haven’t shortchanged us on the options just because this is a hand-held game. You’ll find most of the disasters (fire, giant monsters, etc.) that you’ll find in the PC games. And, via the DS Wi-Fi capability, you can easily connect with other players to compare and trade landmarks you’ve unlocked.

At $19.95, you can’t miss picking this one up.